Wardrobe, cherry and pear wood and copper

We are inside an apartment in an ancient palazzo, which has seen profound transformations over the years, but is still able to transmit a sense of its history. The owners wanted a wardrobe that would not be just a simple container for garments, as the only room where it could be put was the room used as a studio, where the presence of an anonymous piece of service furniture would have seemed incongruous.
The studio has two large windows framing the green of the inside garden. The light filters through the leaves of the trees and enters the room, projecting a changing play of chiaroscuro light on the walls. This was the idea behind the project. The niche that contains the wardrobe closes with two sliding doors of pear and cherry wood: a thin panel that sustains a series of strips of wood and copper, fixed to the bottom by supports on copper rods. When these turn the wooden and metal strips appear always at a different angle to the direction of the daylight, which collects and spreads in a shower of sparkling lights.