Restoration, Piano nobile, a palazzo attributed to G. Jappelli

This is the restoration work for the piano nobile of a Neoclassical palazzo, built according to a project attributed to Giuseppe Jappelli (Padova, I rilievi del Centro Storico ed. Gaetano Croce, La Garangola, 1988). The main interest behind the project was the important historical material that has stratified in the building over the years, which still remains to be revealed.
In the second half of the 20th century the piano nobile underwent considerable changes: from the alteration of the spatial layout after the fractioning of the rooms going off the salon, to the covering of all surfaces with a uniform and drab colour, the floors covered in lino, and the false plaster ceilings. Work restored the joyful disposition of the side rooms and brought important details to light: the terrazzo flooring, the copious wall decorations, and the original wooden ceilings. Of the 20th-century additions the semi-circular widening of the salon was kept and restored, and destined as a dining room, facing the interior courtyard with a curved wall containing a line of windows that capture the daylight coming from the garden and flood it into the internal spaces of the salon.