Restoration of apartment of the 50s

The intervention concerns the interior of an apartment in the residential complex of Torre Quirinetta, built during the 1950s by architect Giulio Brunetta (1906-1978) located in Piazza Insurrezione, Padua.

Some minor building interventions had modified the original distribution of the space intended for the living area, leaving the sleeping area almost unchanged.

The furnishing solutions, which followed one another over the years, completely altered the possibility of reading the internal scores, the balance of solids and voids of the walls, the transparency of the full-height windows: it was no longer possible to recognise in the compositional solutions the coherent outcomes of a rationalist culture. Furthermore, some wooden coverings had made the entrance and living room somewhat redundant.

In agreement with the Client, the aim of the project was to bring to light the original character of the apartment, by removing all the inconsistent additions, restoring its distinctive character in line with the spirit of the Author.

It was decided to preserve the architectural composition and the daring chromaticism of the bathrooms, the result of a valuable remodelling dating back to the 80s, introducing changes that did not contradict the apartment as a whole.