Fregio, La Peruviana, Seveso, Milano

From a close-up analysis of the frieze, there emerged the original floral motif executed with the fresco technique with parts painted over a secco. In particular, at the points in which the paint of the repainted motif had come away, the decorated fresco motif had re-appeared. The decoration was in a sorry state of preservation: there were numerous gaps, with many places where it had been destroyed and material had been lost. Restoration first removed surface deposits, and then operations of consolidation and re-adhesion of the top painted layer to the bottom layer were carried out, as well as cleaning and grouting with cement with a composition compatible with the material for restoration. The following stage was pictorial integration of the gaps with the a velatura technique, and as the ornamental motif was repetitive, in some areas the missing parts were reconstructed with less bright colours to distinguish them from the original.