Ground floor, La Peruviana, Seveso, Milano

Starting from what was once the dining room we immediately set about restoring, in the places where the ceiling had fallen in, the vault structure, and filling in the gaps in the plaster cornices. The decoration of the ceiling is “serial”, and with the aim of restoring harmony and completeness to the room the gaps were reintegrated by reconstructing the ornamental motif. While for the panels in which the painted layer had small gaps, these were reintegrated with an a velatura process. Below the coffered ceiling there are stretches of wall decorated with graffiti in a good state of preservation so restoration was limited to operations of cleaning and surface protection. In the fireplace room, on the ground floor, the ceiling that had fallen in was rebuilt and plastered with a mixture of a base of lime sand and natural earths. Observing from close up the strip that runs along the whole perimeter of the ceiling, traces of frescoed decoration with typical liberty floral motifs were uncovered. Both decorations were salvaged and restored in this way, allowing a reading of the stratifications. For the small gaps a pictorial a velatura reintegration was carried out, while the bigger gaps were handled with neutral reintegration. Special attention was paid to the plaster: with the operation of cleaning away the overlying layers of the painting superimposed on the walls the original plaster frescoed green and the decoration of the imitation marble ridge came to light. Pictorial integration of the plaster was carried out by a velatura lowering of tone of the areas with gaps and abrasions. In the entrance hall the decoration, in a reasonable state of preservation, is made up of grotesque motifs with plaster cornices. In the centre of the ceiling a frescoed mythological scene is the main feature of the reception room. All the decorations have been salvaged and restored. For all the decorations on the ground floor, in particular all the decorations on the ceiling, the operations of salvage and restoration may be considered completed.